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1.2 | high five for friday!



happy new year!  isn’t it great that we get to start over.  well, kind of start over.  it’s a new beginning.  i worked on my 2015 goals over the past week or so and came up with some good ones.  i put them in the back of my EC life planner



i got back on the healthy track this week.  i cleaned out my fridge and did some meal prep early in the week to get prepared.  besides the pizza on new years, i did really well.  i also got in some great workouts to get me back into my fitness schedule.  all of them were a part of the 5 day challenge for busy people by fitness blender.  they’re all only 30 minutes, but they’re all great workouts.  this week was just a stepping stone to getting back to it.  here’s a sample of one…


it’s never enough, but i had some good family time this week.  i said goodbye to my dad’s side of the family and then said hello to my new little cousin gavin.  isn’t he adorable?

i totally stole this pic from instagram because he was sick while i visited him. this one is much better from what i could have got from him.
Rankin family Christmas 2014
this is only about half of us.


i’ve had some extra time this week so i organized my planner and practiced with this week.  since i’m totally type A, it’s so fun to plan out everything.  but it’s also fun to decorate it.  my collection of washi tape and stickers may already be out of control, but i’m having a great time with it!  i’m working on some posts for the next few weeks about it.  here is this week in progress…
Erin Condren Life Planner Week 0 | 2015

my 2015 Erin Condren Life Planner


i got two new cookbooks for christmas, feast and meatless.  i’m also still working through my power foods cookbook.  i tried out a new stirfry (just okay) and some soft tacos (yummy!).



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