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organizing my EC planner

my 2015 EC Life Planner
i found lots of my ideas for organizing my erin condren life planner from instagram while i was waiting for it to be delivered.  there are SO many people doing planner journaling.  again, i had no idea this was a thing before buying my erin condren planner.  and these people are so talented!   some are moms who used to be teachers.  a lot of them of them are former scrapbookers.  and a handful are actual artists.  i just love seeing all of the different ways that they use the planner to document and plan out their lives.  i’m not doing much with the monthly view.  i just want to see the “big stuff” on that page.  the weekly pages are where it’s at.

so here is how i have decided to organize my planner’s weekly pages and it might help you learn from my experiences and mistakes:

1.  gather all of the supplies: washi tape, stickers, colorful pens, etc.

2.  decide on your format.  it took me a week or so of messing with it to figure out what i wanted.  at first, i liked the morning, day, and night labels.  but i changed my mind as i starting planning it out.  i decided to change them to school, personal, and food planning.  i put my fitness to the left, and gratitude on the bottom. i also chose to tape off the weekend.  here is a picture of my plan –


3.  for each month (or week), decide on a theme.  match your washi and stickers to your theme.  (or don’t.  do your thing, girl!)

4.  choose a pen or two for that week.  (some people color code their kids’ activities, to dos, etc.  i like to keep it simple and use black and another color.)

5.  make a list of the things that will need to go onto that week.

6.  pencil or post-it in where you want to put everything.

7.  washi tape off your page to make it more organized.  taping depends on which sections you want.  if you don’t want to use the little lines on the bottom, cover it with washi.  if you want the days to be more segmented, washi between the morning, day, and night sections.  and so on…  (you can go ahead and do the whole month of weekly pages if you’d like.)

8.  if you want to relabel the times of the days, this is the time to do it.  some people use stickers from etsy to easily relabel. i use a skinny washi because it is easier (and cheaper) for me.  also, washi is less “bulky”.  {HERE is a list of my favorite etsy shops for all kinds of stickers.}

9.  at this point, some people like to add all their stickers and activities for the week.  some serious journalists even wait to the end of the week and do everything then.  because i want to use it as both a journal AND a planner, i tend to go day by day.  i’ll write in activities on sunday evening, but then as the week goes on, i will add in my gratitude at the bottom, to do lists, more events, journaling, quotes, etc.

i know all of this sounds like a lot of work, and it can be sometimes.  but journaling is fun for me.  it’s therapeutic, artistic, and enjoyable.  everyone has their own idea of what you should do with an EC planner.  do whatever works for you, whether that is for scrapbooking, planning, and everything in between.

after i have some more time, i will be posting on some etsy shops and other retailers with great supplies i like and pictures of how i’m using the planner.  🙂

organizing my EC planner
here is an example of a decorated page before i’ve added anything for the week.

and even after decorating the above week, i changed it.  because this is how week 0 turned out… all i have to say – hot mess.

EC Life Planner week 0 - finished...and a mess.

i decided that the daily boxes were too large for my meal planning.  i found this pdf on etsy to take care of that situation.  i just print them out and glue them to the bottom section of the page.  they fit perfectly.  so then there’s more room in my daily boxes for to dos, events, recaps, and gratitude.

EC Life Planner - week 1 in progress

here are some pictures of how i am planning to organize my weekly planner pages over the next couple of weeks.  none of these weeks are finished, but you get the idea.

EC Life Planner - week 2 in progress

EC Life Planner - week 3 in progress
i think this is my favorite!

i’m sure my format will continue to evolve over time.  i’ll be giving updates of my weekly pages over the next few months so stay tuned!

check this erin condren referral link HERE if you’re interested in an Erin Condren Life Planner and want $10 off your first order. (the $10 off code will be sent in an email after you’ve registered that might go to your spam folder so check there if you don’t get it right away.)

6 thoughts on “organizing my EC planner

    1. It’s just so beautiful. Plus there are extras that come with it. I did a review with pictures a couple of weeks ago if you’d like the see that.
      The weekly pages are split into morning, day, and night. I cover those (and decorate the rest of the page) with washi tape. I did not know i was going to be this into it. It just happened. 🙂

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