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WOW 1.7 | challenging myself

i did better through this past holiday season that last year.  that’s a good thing.  but i still made some mistakes and indulged a little too much.  so i’ve got some work to do.  but i’m excited about it.  i’m trying some different things to get back in the groove.

growth is optional

i’m challenging myself to:

  • push it with my workouts (since the first of the year, i’ve been doing fitness blender challenges – see below!)
  • cut out most meats from my diets and eat more veggies
  • try some new recipes each week
  • keep track of my workouts and food in my EC life planner so i can track patterns
  • take and record my measurements at the end of each month
  • make an effort to sleep well (insert sleepytime tea and melatonin!)
  • seek out nutrition education
  • make time for self-care (pedicures, masks, etc.)

this video is the first workout of the challenge i’m doing this week.  yes, it’s hard.  yes, it will push you to your limits.  that’s why i had to do it!  i was talking with a friend earlier this week about my plan to get healthy this year.  i told her – i just need to jump in the deep end.  no more excuses.  no more “easing into it”.  doing hard workouts will make me see results faster and push me mentally.

in the past, i’ve given up and tried other things.  i’ve been too easy on myself.  i’ve been unfocused without a plan.  but i really want to stick with this plan this time.  the winter is always difficult for me.  i want to get outside, but i hate the cold.  in the spring and summer, i feel like i have more options.  but i’m going to have to make due for the next couple months!  until i can get back to my walks and hikes in the canyon, i’m going to stick to my challenging myself with my fitness and healthy eating.

i’m going back to basics for sure.  i think it’s appropriate for me.  my word for 2015 is balance.  in life, love, friendships, school, my blog, fitness, eating, everything. and this is just the first step.  🙂

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