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1.9 | high five for friday!



it was the first week back to school.  it was a good one, don’t get me wrong.  but after a couple weeks off, it was hard to get back into my routine.  by friday, i was back to normal, but those first few days were a little rough.  i felt like this…



oh my lord…my workouts this week were killer, but i loved them at the same time.  it felt great to push myself.  however, by the fourth day, i was feeling worn-down and frustrated.  i think i want that instant gratification and i’m not getting any of it yet.  and it’s pissing me off.  i know that in the back of my mind it’ll happen.  it’s the impatient and whiny bitch at the front that’s getting all the talk time right now.  i think i just need to focus on the long-term.



so this was week one of the 52 week savings challenge.  i decided to do it backwards…just to get the big amounts out of the way and make the end of the year less painful on my bank account.  i already wrote out all the amounts in my planner in pen so now i have to do it.  🙂  i’m not sure what i’m going to spend it on, but it’ll be something fun.



here’s a little planner update.  i’ve had it for a couple weeks now, and i feel like it’s getting easier and easier.  this was the first week i felt comfortable.

my erin condren life planner
this is my other cover for my planner. i’m trying it out for awhile.


this week so far in my erin condren life planner
this week so far in my erin condren life planner (and look at those new stickers from etsy! so adorable.)



i celebrated my blogiversary on sunday.  and by celebrated, i mean wrote it down so i wouldn’t forget next year.  that means i’ve had this little blog for two years now.  there have been blogs before, but this is the one that i’ve really connected with and stuck with through thick and thin.  it’s my little outlet.  it’s the most me.  and i’m grateful for it.


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20 thoughts on “1.9 | high five for friday!

  1. The first week back is hard! And I can imagine it’s hard when your students are having a hard time focusing too! The planner is really great! So colorful and would be a great motivator to get in and use regularly. Love it!

    Thanks for linking up! It looks like the graphic is broken… probably on my end. I need to figure out why! Sorry about that! First week glitches…

  2. hello!! your planner is so cute!! i can totally relate with finding motivation to exercise!! i’m a college student so i completely understand and relate to not being excited to get back to school haha 😉

  3. I love the stickers for your planner! It looks like such a great week! I went with a dollar spot calendar this year just to see if I could do it since I’m trying to simplify this year and so far it’s working. *crosses fingers* Glad to hear by the end of the week you were back to your norm.

  4. Ok I’m officially jealous of your planner! I just bought some colored pens to help me out being more organized, but now I think I need stickers too. When mine runs out, I think I need to look into one of these planners.

    thanks for linking up for H54F and hope to have you again tomorrow 🙂

    Caitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin

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