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WOW 1.14 – giving my best not the leftovers

workout wednesdays with {a tattooed teacher in texas}

i talked on monday about going back to church.  the message was the first in a series called “the leftovers”.  the pastor spoke about refusing to give your leftovers to yourself, your family, your job, etc.  you have to give your best in all facets of your life if you want the best results back.  yes, you need time to relax and decompress.  that’s part of giving yourself your best.  i related a lot of it to my faith, my work at school, and my health.  i’m giving them my leftovers when they should be priorities.

last week, i was incredibly frustrated with my workouts.  i’m out of shape, but i still remember what it’s like to be in shape.  it was so annoying to want that for myself again and not have it.  i wanted it back right away.  so i figured that i needed to think about the end result and not the every day.  but i got it backwards…

if i only focus on the end result, i’m not in the moment.  i’m not being deliberate with my workouts.  i’m being sloppy.  i’m never going to get the results i want if i keep this up.

after doing two 5-day challenges, i signed up for an 8 week program from fitness blender.  i never thought i would actually buy one.  (it was only $10 so it’s not like i’m breaking the bank or anything.)   i just thought that i could pick out a workout each day off of youtube and be set.  but as i started looking over the different programs, i realized that i need someone to pick them out for me.  i don’t know what order to do anything in.  i didn’t even think that mattered that much as long as i was doing something different each day.  but it turns out it does matter.

i’m afraid of giving up on this challenge.  it’s 8 weeks!  i’ll be done in early march.  that seems like so far away.  and i kind of quit my workout programs.  i say i’ll do one and then get bored and switch to something else.  but i think the reason this one is different is that none of the workouts repeat.  that means something new and different each day.  i need that!  i already know that i like fitness blender.  so add in some workout music from pandora and i think i’ll be set.  i do not want to give up on this one.

i want to see what my body can do and how it will change in eight weeks.  even just after the 5-day challenges i felt SO much better.  i’m excited to try this out, to push myself day to day.  i’m sure i’ll still think about the end result and want it to be here, right now, this moment.  but that’s just not realistic.  the day to day work will get me to the end not just wishing it was here already.

so anyway, this video tells you a little more info about the new FB programs if you’re interested.  i’m doing the FB Fit – 8 Week Fat Loss Program to Lose Weight, Build Lean Muscle & Tone Up.  click HERE to visit the fitness blender site.

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