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WOW 1.21 – this girl can

workout wednesdays with {a tattooed teacher in texas}

i saw this video on buzzfeed over the weekend.  it was made by an organization in the UK to encourage more women to get active.  the tagline is this girl can.  i watched it twice in a row.  i love the little sayings throughout the video like –  i jiggle, therefore i am and sweat like a pig, feeling like a fox.  (plus, i forgot how much i love missy elliott.  throwback to the 2000s!)  it’s just very encouraging, especially when i don’t feel that great about how my body looks and feels right now.

i’ve been at it with my 8-week challenge for two weeks now.  as time goes on, it doesn’t get easier, but it gets better.  it is called a “challenge” after all.  i’m enjoying having a strict schedule and order of my workouts.  i don’t have to think about anything.  i just do the workout for that day.  because i have to mark it on my workout calendar on when i complete it, i feel like i have to do it or i’ll get behind or something.  in a weird way, it is motivating.  plus, i love that all the workouts are different with no repeats.

i’m not saying it’s a walk in the park, but it’s going well so far.  like i said last week, i am determined to finish this thing!  my food is going well too.  i like when things align.  there’s still not much movement on the scale, but i’m okay with that for now.  i know i’m making progress even if i’m not technically losing any weight.  i’ll get there.  i’ll break through.  because i know this girl can.

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