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this was my third time getting a stitch fix in the mail.  (if you don’t know what stitch fix is, HERE‘s info about the service and about my first box | and HERE’s info about my second box.)  they just keep getting better and better!  i make a pinterest board specifically for stitch fix inspiration and write detailed reviews on the items i get.  this gives the stylist a better view of what i like and want.  since starting stitch fix, i haven’t been clothes shopping except for a plain white shirt a couple months ago.  i just love it.

the stylist picks things out for me that i wouldn’t necessarily pick, but that i love.  they also fit perfectly.  i don’t know how they do that but it’s amazing.  i also like that the clothes i receive are “grown up”.  i’m thirty now and my clothes should be an investment and represent me as who i really am.  i like that the stylist picks things that i can grow with and dress up or down. the style guide is the best.  i actually study it and then leave it near my closet so i can look at it when i want to.  it gives you two ideas for each item you receive.  it helps me decide how to incorporate the clothes into my wardrobe.  often i can’t see how to mix and match outfits.  the visuals from the style guide help that.  (i secretly love the note from the stylist.  it’s the first thing i grab for when i open the box. 2015/01/img_1113.jpg i have already scheduled my fourth box for march.  as long as stitch fix continues to work for me, i’m going to continue to use it.  i bought the entire box the second and third time with no qualms about it.  can’t wait for the next one!

interested in getting your own stitch fix?  click HERE for more information on the service.

13 thoughts on “stitch fix 3

  1. EVERY time I read about your StitchFix boxes I keep kicking myself that I haven’t signed up yet. But when you said you haven’t gone shopping for a long time, that sealed the deal for me! I would definitely have bought all the pieces too. They are all fabulous!

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