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WOW 2.4 | the halfway point

workout wednesdays with {a tattooed teacher in texas}

i’m currently working on week four of my fitness blender 8 week challenge.  last week was probably the hardest yet.  i missed my sunday workout due to a migraine and a deep need for sleep.  i felt bad about it, but i didn’t think it would help that specific situation.

the thing is (that i realized later) is that i felt bad about missing a workout.  i wanted to do it.  and even though i didn’t actually do that one workout, it was different because i questioned not doing it instead of doing it.  that’s a major step.

i’m back to the point in which working out is a part of my daily and weekly routine.  it’s been months since i’ve been there.  i’ve heard runners talk about a “runner’s high”.  i never experienced it when i was running.  i wanted to find it, but i never did.  i equate the lightness and accomplishment i feel after a great workout to that runner’s high.  i LOVE that feeling.  i also love not even questioning my workout and just coming home and getting it done.  that after workout feeling keeps me going even when it’s hard and challenges me, when i’m not seeing fast results.

i’m doing pretty well with my food.  i’ve been sticking to eating healthy pretty much 80/20.  i’m not counting calories.  that always causes more problems for me so i’m just focusing on healthy, real food.  i also have a “treat day” each week to indulge.  the rest of the time i’m pretty strict.  although…i’ve figured out something.  i have to have a little treat each day.  it’s usually in the form of a couple pieces of dove dark chocolate each day.  just that little bit is enough for me to feel like i’m not depriving myself of sweets.

this whole thing is slow going for sure.  i’m not losing much weight, but i feel that i’m definitely getting stronger and toning up.  my midsection is still giving me trouble with fitting into my clothes, but i will say that it’s better than it was a few weeks ago.  everything is better than a few weeks ago.

i was worried at the beginning of my challenge that i was going to quit.  i know now that i won’t.  i’m not saying that i won’t miss another day in the remaining four and a half weeks.  but i am saying that i’ll do the entire challenge and make them up at the end.  i’m finishing it.  and then i’m going to find another one.


this is kind of a weird week with me going out of town this weekend.  i’m going to have to be really focused until then so that i can fully enjoy it.  i’m going to see my dad’s swim team at their regional meet.  i’m looking forward to spending some time with my fam and watching a little bit of swimming.

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