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peek inside my planner | january 2015

my 2015 EC Life Planner

i’m the type of person that does a lot of research before i make decisions.  i’m not saying that i’m not compulsive ever.  i have a tattoo and many, many shopping receipts to prove that.  but usually my decisions take time and work.  for example, it’s taken me nearly ten years to get serious about buying a house. and i’m still not sure…

so when i jumped into the life planner, i did it knowing a lot of information ahead of time and how i wanted to use it.  i read blogs and online reviews, watched youtube videos, and scoured instagram for inspiration in the three weeks that it took to get to me.

over the month of january, i made some changes.  and i’m still finding my groove within what i want for my planner.  i’m sure by december i’ll have it all figured out.  until then, i’m just experimenting through trial and error.  i like my january pages though.  in some ways, they are a bit messy.  but i think with time, i’ll get better at that.  (i’ve blurred some of it for school confidentiality.)

so here they are, my january pages:

january 2015 peek inside my planner

january 2015 peek inside my planner

january 2015 peek inside my planner
i think this one is my favorite!


january 2015 peek inside my planner

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