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my spirit guides

two things happened this weekend that changed my perception of my parents. you know, often we just think of them based only on being parents. we forget that they are people too. they’ve had lives before us and after we’ve left the nest.

as i get older, we’ve become more of friends. yes, they are still my parents but they are more than that. they’re my guides and my confidants and my encouragers.

roots and wings

because of a couple of conversations with my mom this weekend, i learned that she is a brave woman who dealt with probably the hardest situation in her life when she was still so very young with grace and grit. and she did it by herself because she felt that she had to. i’m proud of her. i admire her bravery. i hope…no, i know that i’ve inherited some of that independence and strength. but i’m still working on tapping into it.

the other thing that happened was that my daddy said “i’m sorry”. it’s a family trait build into our dna to not say those two words. part of it is the Scottish in us and the rest is just plain stubbornness. even though it was a little thing to say sorry for and didn’t really matter to me, he said it. twice actually. and i’m proud of him for doing that for me. i need to do more apologizing when it’s necessary too.

i think i put my parents on a pedestal growing up, as most kids do in good homes. as i journeyed through my twenties and learned more, i expected different things from them. but why? i’m just like them. i got half from my mom and half from my dad. it makes sense that i have their traits. i’m far from perfect and never will be.  and i shouldn’t expect perfection from them either.

i like that as i’m getting older with them, i’m learning more and more from them and about them – good and bad. even if they don’t know it, it helps me become better to see their struggles and their triumphs, past and present.  just like they shaped me as a child, they continue to shape me as an adult.

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