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WOW 2•11 | impatience and persistence

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no progress on the scale.

most of the time i’m okay with that because i know that i’m working hard.  but there are these moments when i get so discouraged and pissed off.  it’s been a month and i’m not really dropping any lbs.


i found this picture above last year when i was looking for inspiration on pinterest.  it’s so true.  that stupid number is powerful.  it’s not the most important thing, but it does have value.  i have this exact scale in white.  i should totally get a paint pen and write this statement on there.  it’s difficult to remember when you are standing there staring at that number wishing it was lower.

i’m impatient about losing the weight/gaining the muscle and tone.  but i’m persistent.  i know what i want and what to do to get there.  the time will pass no matter what i do.  but if i use it wisely, it will pay off.


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