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WOW 2•18 | don’t let perfect be the enemy of good

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i’ve been struggling with my motivation for the past couple of weeks.  i finished day 36 (out of a total of 38 so far) of my fitness blender 8 week challenge.  for some reason, missing those two days so far has really bothered me.  i wanted to stick to it.  but things come up.  life happens.  and sometimes you miss a workout here and there.

here’s the thing though…36 out of 38 is great.  that’s five workouts each week for over five weeks so far.  add in the two one-week challenges i did before that and that’s over seven weeks of consistent workouts.  that’s an accomplishment for me.  i should feel proud of it.  and i am.  but i’m also annoyed that i’m not seeing the results i want.  i have messed up on my food quite a bit.  in my head, i know that’s where i need to put my focus now.  the workouts are rolling along and i’m gaining my muscle back.  to get that scale moving and the inches melting off, i need to be more strict with my food.


back at the beginning of january, i told myself – one treat day a week.  well…one day has turned into two and then three during the busy weeks.  and i know i’m just sabotaging myself.  how many times have i heard –  you can’t out train a bad diet.  i know better.  so i need to do better.

this whole process is baby steps when i want to take giant leaps.  but i’m coming to realize that i need to acknowledge the progress i’ve made so far.  no, i haven’t dropped many pounds, but i’m healthy, feeling great, and working out about an hour a day for five days a week on a regular basis.  that alone is a breakthrough.  now that i have consistent workouts, on to the next step: consistent healthy eating.  i won’t be counting calories this time around.  it makes me obsessive and is counterproductive.  but i will be sticking to that one treat day from now on.

even with the frustration i’m feeling lately, i want to finish this challenge with a bang.  and then do another one.  i can’t decide if i want to do the 30 minute challenge or try a different one.  i guess i’ve got another couple of weeks to decide.  i just have to keep going and at the same time remember the great foundation that i’ve laid already.

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