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2•20 | high five for friday!

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today is the end of the 4th six weeks.  that means we are ⅔ done with the school year!  it has flown by.  this week, however, has not.  my 12th graders’ senioritis is kicking in.  this is how i felt all week…



i had great workouts this week.  i didn’t miss any and i really pushed it…pushed it real good.  🙂  it’s amazing what making the time and effort to work out regularly does for my attitude.  i need it.



this weekend, i will be debt free.  for the first time probably ever.  i will be paying off my car loan early.  now on to saving up for a house!  i don’t know how long it will take me to make that happen, but that’s the next thing on my list.


i spent valentine’s with some friends.  saw “fifty shades of grey” because why not?  and had some beers and wings.  probably the best valentines…or should i say galentine’s day ever.



my new recipe this week was bang bang chicken.  it was spicy but delish!  there are a lot of variations out there, but i went with THIS RECIPE because it was simple, easy, and incorporated my beloved sriracha.  i used it for my lunches over some broccoli slaw because i couldn’t find any of the beautiful purple cabbage from the inspiration picture in the store right now.  i also had some grapefruit to take away the sting of the hot stuff.


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