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what i’ve learned being a teacher blogger

i started this blog a little over two years ago.  i was bored with my older one, and it just didn’t feel right anymore.  i needed a fresh start with a new blog that represented me as an adult and not a college student.  the previous blog was fine for that time in my life and my first few years of teaching.  but i needed to move on to something different and better.  so a tattooed teacher in texas was born.

at first, i didn’t tell anyone about it.  i wanted to get all the kinks out first.  (lesson number one: you never get the kinks out.)  i learned more about coding and design.  i changed everything about a hundred times.  and through many, many posts, i found my voice and a small but awesome audience.

here’s what i’ve learned:

  • never name your school – yeah, people could probably figure it out if they tried hard enough, but it’s important to keep that information private
  • don’t share any student information or names (same with parents, coworkers, bosses, etc.)
  • never talk bad about specific coworkers or students – always use general statements
  • don’t write about teaching only.  you are more than a teacher.  i have learned that i am a woman who is creative and interested in social issues, beauty products, clothes, music, etc.
  • don’t give out your blog info unless you want people to read it because no matter how uninteresting you think you are, someone out there wants to read what you have to say
  • choose your words carefully when writing about situations that come up at school
  • the students probably won’t find it unless they’re actually looking for it – they just don’t care that much
  • humor is always a good idea 🙂
  • write your posts ahead of time and keep a backlog of potential posts (i rarely write a live post because i want to make sure that what is written is actually what i want to say.)
  • make fun of yourself. people relate and respond to it.
  • you can connect with teachers all over the country and world
  • bloglovin’ is your friend.  i read all of my favorite blogs directly from there.  it’s just so easy to have everything in one place.
  • negative comments hurt, but they are a reality when dealing with the trolls on the internet
  • complete strangers can be incredibly uplifting and supportive

i’m looking forward to many more years with this blog.  it’s been a blessing in that it gives me a way to connect with people while also reflecting on teaching and my life.

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