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WOW 2•25 | almost done!

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i realized this week that i have one more week left of my 8 week fitness blender program.  i finished day 45 yesterday.  that’s awesome for me!  i was worried that i would give up or get bored and not finish and now i am just a few workouts away from finishing the whole workout program.

and i decided this past weekend that…i’m going to do it again!  i thought about doing the 30 minute workout program, but i am just now feeling (and seeing some of) the effects of pushing myself.  i want more.  i need the challenge again.  and then maybe when i’m done with the second round at the end of april i will back off just a little bit and try the 30 minute one.

i feel motivated again.  and it’s addicting.  i don’t want to miss a workout.  i’m excited (most of the time) to get it done each day.  it’s helping me stay on track with my food too.  i’m still working on getting better at sticking to my meal plan and not indulging too much.  but i do have to say that i’m better than i was three months ago.

changes are happening.  i’m excited to see what another eight weeks will do for me.  by this time next week, i’ll be done with the first round.  i have two workouts to make up that i missed and then…AGAIN!  🙂

i encourage anyone who feels lost about what to do to get back in shape to try the fitness blender challenges.  i started with their 5 day ones on youtube and then took the plunge.  it’s made all the difference.  it’s so easy to have all the workouts planned and ready to go each day.  it’s only $10, and you can do them over and over.  there’s lots of variety, and you can tell that there was a lot of thought put into how it’s structured.  for example, this week i have some pilates and short strength and HIIT workouts to gear up for a 1000 calorie workout on thursday.  some weeks focus more on strength and others on endurance.  each week is different, and it’s always mixed up.  your body is constantly having to adapt.  i think this is one of the reasons why i have improved in all areas.

anyway, this wasn’t intended to turn into a testimonial for fitness blender.  it’s just good stuff.  check out their website!  or just go on youtube for tons of free workouts.

here’s the workout i’m doing tomorrow.  i’ve done a couple 1000 calorie workouts before, but…eek!  wish me luck!

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