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10 things that will make you realize you’re actually an adult now:

1. you get excited about low gas prices.
2. your metabolism is shot to hell and you’re reminded of it by your ever expanding waistline.
3. you find yourself saying “kids these days” followed by something you would have found funny when you were sixteen.
4. you get pissed off by horrible customer service, and if angry enough will contact a manager.
5. you can’t handle loud concerts anymore and choose to stand in a spot (or even better, sit in a chair) appropriately away from the giant speakers.
6. you can’t drink like you used to and require an entire day or two to recuperate from a single night of excess.
7. you appreciate the finer things in life, like good coffee, high thread count sheets, and organic grass-fed beef.
8. you make expensive purchase like houses and cars and are actually excited about it.
9. you look at clothes in stores and think: who the hell would wear that!! …as a teenage girl walks up and exclaims “how cute is that?!”
10. you ask things like “does he have a college degree?” and “how old is he?” and “does he have any children?” about men that you’re interested in.

3 thoughts on “thursday’s thoughts

  1. Haha. These are all so true!
    I am always thinking about things that teens are into these days and wondering if I was like that when I was their age.
    And for the ones who walk around in crop tops and short shorts I always think if I was their mother I wouldn’t let them out of the house like that, and I am no where near their mothers age.

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