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2•27 | high five for friday!

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i have four days left of my 8 week workout program.  i am so excited that i’m finishing it because i usually give up on longer programs.  i haven’t lost much weight, but there have been lots of non-scale victories along the way like gaining lots of strength, sleeping better, and making better food choices.

my little helper during after workout 


what is it about a haircut that is so transformative?  having someone scrub your head, comb through your hair, and literally chop pieces off of you.  i don’t know, but even a trim is amazing to me.


the school week started off with a late start, which usually results in a chaotic day.  and it was.  i had a student come in to finish some economics work after school.  he was getting everything wrong and after the day i’d had, i couldn’t stop laughing because he wasn’t anywhere close to knowing what he was doing.  (we have a good relationship so laughing at him didn’t hurt his feelings.  he understood.)  he eventually said, “i don’t know how to do this!”.  i said, “i know.  but if it makes you feel better, i just figured out this week that narwals are real animals and not mythical creatures.”  #truestory  we both laughed then and he replied, “that does make me feel better.”  i got him back on track, and after that, the rest of that week was surprisingly good.



last month, i joined the paper and glam book club on Facebook.  this month’s pick was “not that kind of girl”, which i read in the fall so i’ve skipped ahead to the march read – “yes, please”.  i’ve never been a part of a book club, and it’s kind of fun!  plus, i love paper and glam.  lisamarie’s passion, love of planners, and encouraging spirit is great.


it’s been snowy/cold all week here.  that’s uncharacteristic of my part of texas.  we’re more comfortable with blistering hot and windy.  maybe that’s what made me little grumpy and tired this week too.

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