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WOW 3•4 | time to set another goal

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tomorrow, i will be finished with my 8 week program from fitness blender.  i am so excited to be done with it, not because it’s done but because i finished it.  i did the whole thing, including those two days i missed.  i’m looking forward to startIng it over because i know i’m going to do an even better job on round 2.  the first time was for getting a feel for everything, for building up my strength again, and for relearning how to fuel my body.  i had some positives and negatives.  i’m ready to try again.

the plan for the next 8 weeks:

  • cheat less on meals! – one day (3 meals) a week max
  • continue to track meals in my planner
  • continue to meal plan but do a better job!
  • journal any successes and struggles
  • continue to workout 4-6 times a week
  • push harder on HIIT intervals
  • continue to adapt for my wrist without making excuses
  • finish the 8 week program (again!)
  • as it gets warmer, get outside!

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