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3•6 | high five for friday!

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there are only 8 more days until spring break starts.  i need the break too.  i’m about to go crazy.  the kids already have.  🙂


alabama shakes played two new songs off their yet to be released album on saturday night live.  i was transfixed.  i loved their first album, but this…  it’s amazing.  i rewinded both songs and watched them over.  i can’t wait for the whole album.  it’s already on preorder.


i finished my 8 week program!  yea!  i feel fantastic.  well…i’m sore as hell, but i’ll take it.  i didn’t lose a pound in the whole experience, but i’ve lost some inches and gained some muscle so that’s something.  something important.

it's not swagger.  i'm just sore as shit from yesterday's workout.
i need this workout tank.


monday was texas independence day.  i sure do love my home state.


the season finale of downton abbey was this week.  holy crap.  i thought it was going to end sadly like last years, but this one was so sweet.  i had happy tears rolling down my cheeks.

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12 thoughts on “3•6 | high five for friday!

  1. Our spring break starts in 8 hours & 19 minutes…not that I’m counting. I am definitely more excited than the students. I hope next week flies for you…and goes slow for me!

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