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teaching tip 54. enjoy the little moments.

the other day, i laughed out loud during the moment of silence in the announcements.

i couldn’t help it.

i always play music in my classroom.  depending on the day, i choose a certain station or playlist on my iPad.  on that specific day, i had chosen the bruno mars station because a kid had requested it.  i sat down at my desk to do attendance for the class because i had forgotten to do it earlier.  the kids were standing quietly, which was uncharacteristic.  (they hate silence and get super antsy during the moment of silence.)

when i looked up, i laughed.  they were all dancing by themselves to “uptown funk”.  when i giggled, they looked at each other and realized what was happening.  the rest of the announcements consisted of a quick dance party.

it’s those little moments that i love the most in teaching.  when a kid gets it and is proud of themselves.  when a slip of the tongue turns into an inside joke in one class period.  when a student sets a simple goal like making a B for the six weeks and achieves it.  when i sacrifice and make fun of myself to get them excited about a topic.

there’s going to be a lot of shitty times when you want to walk out the front door flipping the bird with both hands, especially in those first few years.   but it’s those moments of laughter and joy in between that will keep you going.

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