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WOW 3•11 | sometimes you need a rest

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i finished my first round of my 8 week fitness blender program last week.  and let me tell you…i was exhausted.  i had worked out for 5 days a week for an average of 45-60 minutes each day for eight weeks straight and two weeks before that.  i needed a little break.

but i didn’t want to do it.  taking more than two days off from my workouts is dangerous for me.  if i let myself relax too much then it’ll become a habit.  it can happen that fast for me.  it may seem dramatic, but it’s a scary thing.  i have certain goals and things that i want to achieve with my body.  they’re in my mind each day.

but sometimes it’s important to just admit that i need a break and accept it.  rest is vital.  it’s important to overall health.  especially at this point in the school year, i just needed it.  so i took three days and didn’t do anything physical.  i slept 10 hours a night and drank lots of water.

rest and self-care

i feel SO much better.  yes, it’s scary to walk away for a bit.  but as long as i get back there, it’s okay.  it’s not the end of the world.  in fact, it might just be better for me.

spring break is next week.  i’m planning some unconventional workouts as a little departure from the stuff i’ve been doing lately.  i think that’ll shake things up and make it more interesting.  i love HIIT and strength training, but i need to do some different things right now to keep it spicy.

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