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stitch fix 4 & advice for first timers

stitch fix review

well…my fourth stitch fix was kind of a bust.  in my review of my third fix, i exclaimed how much i loved the whole box, which i did.  i’ll admit that i should have explained what i wanted for my fourth box better, but my pinterest board was full of spring/summer ideas.  i don’t think the stylist even looked at it.  i feel like i just ended up getting versions of the same items in my 3rd box, which is disappointing.

however, i kept a cute wrap shirt and amazing black pencil skirt.  both were extremely flattering, which is what drew me to them.  the pattern on the shirt was colorful but not over the top.  also, the colors are exactly what i like.  the skirt fits like a dream with rouching on the sides to disguise any bumps or imperfections.  i sent back an ill-fitting blouse, a crocheted cardigan that belongs in a grandma’s closet, and some boring earrings.  (you can see full pics of the clothes i kept and send back on the style guide.)

stitch fix advice for first timers:

  • take and give your measurements to the stylist in your note
  • if you don’t want items that need to be dry cleaned, include that info in your note or style profile.  (each box i’ve received has had dry clean items.  i despise taking things to the dry cleaner.)
  • change and really focus your style profile on what you want as you figure out what styles fit you best
  • make a pinterest board with images of items and outfits that you admire for the stylist to look at
  • try on everything twice and with items you already own
  • if you don’t love it, don’t buy it
  • if it doesn’t fit, don’t buy it (i made this mistake, thinking that i would eventually fit in to those amazing black jeans.  but you know what?  i haven’t had a chance to wear them yet and i’m reminded of that when i see them in my closet.)
  • really think about them before making a decision because most items are expensive
  • budget for your boxes so if you want to buy the entire box, it’s possible.

(HERE‘s my first experience and thoughts on the service, and HERE’s info about my second box.)

interested in getting your own stitch fix?  click HERE for more information on the service.

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