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3•20 | high five for friday!

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i had some great workouts this week with all my free time.  the weather was a little iffy but i got out to the canyon.  it was chilly but beautiful.  i got in a four hour hike.  it left me exhausted, but it was worth the pain.


this month’s birchbox was amazing!!  i have had a chance to try out everything and i liked it all, especially the charcoal mask and facial oil.

i also got my fourth stitch fix this week!  click HERE for info on the box and my advice for people who want to try stitch fix.


this week was my spring break.  i decided for a staycation versus going out of town.  i got a surprisingly large amount of things done while still getting to relax.  mostly, i worked on my spring cleaning list.  i didn’t get everything done, but i made a huge dent in it.


i spent tuesday with my cousin’s little girl.  she always entertains me more than i do her.  first we went to the art museum.  there was an andy warhol collection and a cool exhibit on pop-up books.  then, we made some cookies (dyed green, of course) and made a living room fort.  then after a quick dance party, we joined her mom and went to see “cinderella”, which we all loved.


on sunday afternoon, i made some stuffed peppers for the week.  after cutting off the tops and cleaning out the peppers, i stuffed them with a mix of quinoa, organic black and pinto beans, grass-fed ground beef, rotel, and corn.  i covered them with foil and baked them at 375ºF for 25 minutes.  i pulled them out and topped them with a pinch of cheese and put them back in for 5 more minutes.  all week, i’ve been heating them up for my lunches and adding some guacamole.  easy-peasy.

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