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WOW 3•25 | well, spring break is over…

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the good news is that i was active for every day of spring break.  the bad news is that i cheated on my food.  a lot.

some of it i don’t even feel bad about.

no ragrets

exhibit A: this tasty prime rib dinner, which is quite possibly one of the best meals of my life.  you can bet your ass i had several glasses of delicious red wine along with it.  it’s heart healthy, right?  haha!

BUT, i am back at it strong and motivated.  my food is on point.  meal planning is key and helps me stay on track.  this week, i made some organic chicken with basil pesto and tomatoes, a green bean and sweet potato salad, and an asparagus and egg salad.  yum yum.  it’s becoming clear that i need very flavorful food to stay motivated to eat well.

with each workout this week, i’m also doing a walk/run.  some are more walk than run and some are longer, but that’s okay because i’m building back up.  thank goodness for the sunshine.  it spurs me to get out there and do it.  i’m looking forward to going to the canyon regularly on the weekends for hikes too.

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