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3•27 | high five for friday!

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i made the decision this week to buy a home!  …in about a year.  it’s taken me several years to get to the point that i’m comfortable with making that big of a purchase.  but it’s exciting!  and my type a personality is happy with the fact that i have some time to plan every. single. detail.  🙂      (any advice on the process is encouraged!)

not really! it just made me laugh!


i got back on the workout train this week.  spring break was fun, but it was needed.  still no weight loss, but lots of strength gains.  i tried some new recipes this week too: italian chicken bake, asparagus spring salad, and sweet potato and green bean salad.  i recommend them all!


tis the season for state testing.  our counselor sent us this video to cheer us up after an extra boring (but thankfully short) end of course testing training.  this is so close to the truth.


i’m halfway through “the girl on the train” by paula hawkins and can barely put it down.  if you’re in the mood for a mystery, grab it!


i saw this gray dress on one of my favorite fashion blogger’s posts last week.  then she did two more posts on it, and i knew i had to have it.  it’s comfy and you can style it in a few different ways.  i wear a slip under it to smooth everything out because it is a little “slinky” and can cling to the wrong curves.  but i’m so glad i found it and at target! lord knows, i don’t need an excuse to go there.

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