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march 2015 favorites.

monthly favorites

{favorite beauty items}  

burts bees lip balm in coconut and pear – i like the scent over the other new scents.

jergens BB hand perfecting cream (what drew me to it was that it has SPF!)

garnier moisture rescue refresh gel cream – it’s getting warmer and this gel absorbs quickly and is very light feeling.  there’s no greasiness.

{favorite eats}

prime rib dinner at OHMS in Amarillo


stuffed peppers

sweet potato and green bean salad with maple-mustard dressing

{favorite books}

the girl on the train by paula hawkins – this is a great mystery.  it’s told from several perspectives and keeps you guessing.

yes, please by amy poehler – she’s hilarious.  period.

{favorite new music, tv shows, movies}

southern charm – i’m aware that this bravo show is straight up trash.  i don’t care.  it’s addicting.

the royals – this new show on E! is great!  the creator also was a producer on one tree hill so i knew i would like it.  again, trashy.  but i’m not gonna give it up.

rita – this netflix show is from denmark so it has subtitles.  but it’s so funny and sweet i don’t even care.

{favorite words}



colorful you

{my own favorite posts}

the stars at night are big and bright

peek inside my planner – february 2015

stitch fix 4 and advice for first timers

Workout Wednesday – well, spring break is over…

{favorite posts from other bloggers}

make way for the new by gonzales with an s (tori gonzales)

transitioning from shopping to not shopping by un-fancy

the modern dating game: three ways it makes me crazed by the single woman

am i obsessed with losing weight?  by summer tomato

why 20% of people will never like you by donald miller from storyline

what do to when you gain weight by eating bird food

{most memorable moments – the good and bad}

whew! about 40 days of school left for the year!

becoming debt free!

started saving for a down payment on a house – to buy next year


spring cleaning like a mad woman

the gorgeous weather!  70s/80s all day e’ry day (this won’t last long…)


going out to the canyon for the first time in months

having a great spring break


that meal at OHMS


past monthly faves:

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