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WOW 4•1 | ways to stay motivated

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i’m struggling with motivation lately.  i’m not losing an lbs.  and it’s been three months to the dot since i have really focused on the task at hand.  i know i’m making other gains, but this stupid little thing is frustrating me so much.  that number should reflect at least some of the hard work i’m putting into being healthy.

i’m taking my measurements this weekend to see if there’s something happening that i’m not seeing on the scale.  if i don’t see anything happening in another month, i think i might go to the doctor and get checked out.  i have been messed up anyway due to a change in my birth control starting in december so that may have something to do with it.  but anyway…

you have a choice 

i decided to make a list of things to keep me motivated through this difficult time.  these are things that i’ve done in the past and/or want to do to stay motivated:

  • focus on wellness not weight loss.  (hello, taylor! you hearing this?)
  • set reasonable goals
  • limit but don’t eliminate
  • weigh when you want to, wait if needed
  • acknowledge your accomplishments! – i know i’ve gained muscle
  • use an accountability partner
  • start over whenever you need to
  • document your progress and reflect on the positives and negatives
  • use social media, blogs, youtube, and instagram for inspiration
  • schedule your workout – i write mine down each day/week
  • use music!
  • take baby steps not leaps
  • mix up your workouts and routines
  • stay away from triggers – there’s a specific tex mex fast food place called taco villa in my area.  i seriously cannot resist it so i can’t drive past it.  i have to go a different way.  it’s so good, y’all.  (if you pass one, stop and get a combination burrito with the red sauce.  you’re welcome.)
  • create a vision board
  • do whatever works for you.  don’t worry about what other people are doing and don’t take advice when you don’t want or need it.
  • plan your treat meals ahead
  • avoid crash diets/quick fixes/trendy diets – it’ll only do more damage than good in the end.

4 thoughts on “WOW 4•1 | ways to stay motivated

  1. Great tips! Measuring is what helped me stay motivated- while i wasn’t losing any lbs I was still losing inches which was crazy to me! Good luck – yOU GOT THIS!!

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