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4•10 | high five for friday!

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sorry for the radio silence.  i haven’t gone a week without blogging in forever.  but i was sick with strep.  and it was a boring couple of days.  but i’m back!  besides a little lingering cold, i’m good to go.


today was the end of the fifth six weeks at school.  there are only 34 school days left.  the senioritis has officially kicked in with my 12th graders.  it’s a struggle, but we’re going to make it.  well, i am.  a few of them may not make it out alive.


i started a new fitness blender program.  this one is a four week program called booty bootcamp.  there are only three workouts a week, but that’s perfect because i can pick what i do on the other days.  i need some structure right now with those three mandatory workouts, but the sunshine is calling me and i must get out there.


this wednesday was rex manning day.  if you’re an “empire records” fan, you know exactly what i’m talking about. i wrote a post last year about my love for that movie.  i’m even thinking of incorporating it into my economics class this semester (with some careful editing).

rex manning day 2


this saturday is national pet day!  so in honor of that, here’s some of my favorite pics of my kitties.

luca the fat cat
my luca bear.
my sweet liberty.  she pretty much hates everyone in the world but me.
my sweet liberty. she pretty much hates everyone in the world but me.

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