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erin condren life planner | update & concerns

my 2015 EC Life Planner
i’ve had my planner for a few months now.  it was love at first site, but i took me several weeks to work out exactly how i wanted to use it.


i’m still making some tweaks here and there.  but here’s how i’m currently using it:

monthly pages – this is my “rough draft” for my weekly pages.  i don’t decorate these pages much.  i do use the stickers that come with the planner on these pages.  i keep track of birthdays, meetings, events, etc.

weekly pages – this is where i spend most of my time.  i love decorating the pages, but i still use them to plan.  i have lots of lists.  it’s helping me stay on track with my cleaning and meal prep along with all of my school reminders.


IMG_1341 IMG_1536

notes pages – i’ve made pages for tracking my savings plan and weight loss.  i made a page specifically for notes about my migraines.  i also using a few pages for favorite quotes.

ongoing concerns:

  • the coil will not be big enough by the end of the year.  although i don’t use anything bulky, i can already tell that my pages are somewhat rippled and thicker due to washi tape, stickers, and every day use.  i wish the coil was just a bit bigger to accommodate these types of changes over the year.  i haven’t even been able to use my coil clips because i can’t spare the space.
  • i thought when i bought it, i would love all of the different colors.  now that i’ve had a few months with it, i think i would rather have a more plain or subtle color scheme.  i end up cover up the things i don’t like with washi so it doesn’t really matter that much.  but i wish the planner was more neutral.  i would love a gray scheme.
  • i wish the “morning”, “day”, and “night” labels were blank.  i cover them with washi each week.  if they were blank, i wouldn’t do that.  i know some people make it work with the labels, but i just can’t.  i don’t need those categories.  what would be even better?  blank labels AND a full column instead of boxes.
  • the interchangeable covers are a problem. the top and bottom parts come apart. the lamination just can’t withstand the planner opening and closing several times a day. i know it’s not just me because i see people talk about it on facebook groups. i’ve had this issue with two covers already.

despite these minor issues, i still love my planner.  i literally use it every day.  it doesn’t go with me places except for school.  when i’m at home, it’s open so that i can see everything.  it’s become something that i treasure and that gives me a sense of organization, comfort, and direction.

i’m very curious to see what erin condren decides to change for the new planner.  it comes out in june.  i keep seeing hints on Facebook and instagram that they’re going to offer a more neutral palette.  i would LOVE that change.  i’m also hoping for some of the changes from the survey the company put out a few weeks ago.  if they do make some changes, i will gladly use some of my credits toward a new planner instead of waiting until the end of the year.

check out my erin condren referral link HERE if you’re interested in an EC life planner and want $10 off your first order. (the $10 off code will be sent in an email after you’ve registered that might go to your spam folder so check there if you don’t get it right away.)

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