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WOW 4•15 | you have the power

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every week, i have a long talk with a friend at work.  we waste like an hour of our time but it’s fine.  it’s time well spent.  we always both end up giving each other a pep talk.  mine’s usually has something to do with me not being aggressive enough in some way.  he always says “be a bitch…in a good way.”  his pep talk usually ends up with me giving him a lecture about women.

he’s completely honest with me and sometimes he’s even hard on me.  he pushes me to do things i don’t want to do and he’s probably the only person in my life who treats me like that.  i would probably cry if someone else would say the things he says to me but for some reason, it works with him.

this week, he told me – you’ve forgotten something.  you’ve forgotten that you have the power.  you have the control.  use it.  don’t complain if you don’t use it.  you are powerful.

fear is a liar

it made me think because i forgot that i do have the power.  i have the power to change my body.  i can’t keep trying things and giving up.  i have to be consistent and stick to my goals even when it’s hard, even when i feel powerless over the process.  i recently starting logging all of my food with my fitness pal.  it really helps me stay on track.  i’ve also been paying more attention to my macros.  i’m new to it, but i’m really interested to see what it does for me.  i’m working out four to six days a week and really pushing it. things are happening.  i’m not sure what things, but things.

i also have the power to change my relationships.  i tend to be too passive.  it’s something that i’m definitely working on.   i have the power to spend my days doing worthwhile things.  i have the power to choose my future.  i have the power to change everything. i just have to take the steps to do it no matter how small they are.

3 thoughts on “WOW 4•15 | you have the power

  1. You have the power to change many things. Patience is key and forgiving yourself when you have a setback. Love love the quote you use about our planet….can we use it? Thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge.

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