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4•17 | high five for friday!

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tonight, i get to see one of my favorite texas country artists, william clark green.  i’ve missed him the past couple of times he’s been to town, but i’m excited to finally see him perform in person.


my workouts and food have both been on point this week.  i’ve been getting closer and closer to hitting my macros each day.  i’m still learning… but it’s encouraging to stay on track and make progress.



i think my march birchbox is the most beautiful yet!  the box itself was so pretty!  i’ve tried the bee venom mask.  it was strange…warm and cool at the same time.  but i liked the effect while it was on and after i washed it off.  i also added the illuminator to my foundation this week.  it’s kind of runny, but it has a nice finish.  i’m excited to try out the rest of the items because they’re geared more toward summertime.


i got my last evaluation this week.  i won’t get the results until later, but it went pretty well.  some of my friends and i stayed for a baseball game on tuesday, but the other team was late so the game started late.  we didn’t stay for long, but i did get this picture of us.  AND there’s only 29 days of school left for the year!  yea!


on tuesday, i got my credit card number stolen and someone racked up about $1500.  i was frantic after getting an automated message from my bank about it.  luckily, i called the right number and got a hold of someone right away and they took care of it.  it was kind of scary, but i’m so grateful that it ended up being a pretty painless process.

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6 thoughts on “4•17 | high five for friday!

  1. Yikes! Glad everything ended up working out with the credit card situation. But man that would be scary! Hope the concert was tons of fun. And I agree – that is the prettiest BirchBox I’ve seen! What fun products. Hope you had a fun weekend!

  2. Your Birchbox looks amazing! How scary that someone stole your credit card number, though, yikes!

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