personal life



eating | more and different seasonal veggies

drinking | peach sleepytime tea

practicing | handwriting to make mine better in my planner and journal

mastering | jump squat intervals

learning | about counting my macros

trying | a bee venom mask?  i liked it but it was strange.

playing | trivia crack.  i can’t stop.

finishing | my lesson plans and grading before the weekend

reading | “man’s search for meaning” by viktor frankl & “the longest ride” by nicholas sparks

browsing | through instagram for inspiration

watching | “rita” on netflix and “american crime” on abc

remembering | that the road to health is a long and rocky one

enjoying | my walks outside in the sunshine

feeling | not many feelings.  it’s a problem.

hoping | for some stability at school.  there are a lot of changes coming.

wearing | neutrals with pops of blues.  i’m trying out the capsule wardrobe thing.  it’ll take me some time to figure it all out, but i’m working toward it.

cooking | new and healthy recipes

working | on the balance between sticking up for myself/keeping my mouth shut.

traveling | to abilene in june for my sister’s bday

needing | some self control on the weekends  🙂

wanting | a new car even though i don’t need one and just paid mine off

looking forward to | summertime!

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