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WOW 4•22 | finding a schedule again

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i’m settling into a kind of routine lately with my workouts.  i used to always use a regular schedule.  but then i started trying all different things and that kind of got pushed to the wayside.

but i’ve been working on my fitness blender better booty program* for going on three weeks.  it is three days a week.  i’ve decided to fill in the other days with other types of workouts.  it seems to be working for now, especially since my wrist is still giving me trouble every day.  i’m just trying to work around it.   but i like what i’m doing and the schedule.  it looks something like this…

sunday – rest day or walk/run

monday – lower body workout (HIIT and/or strength)*

tuesday – upper body strength and a walk/run

wednesday – lower body workout*

thursday – kickboxing, yoga/pilates, or stretching on a rough week

friday – rest day

saturday – lower body workout*

i love this stretching workout when i need it.  it’s long enough to really stretch everything out well.  it’s relaxing but still challenging.

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