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WOW 4•29 | ch-ch-ch-changes

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i’m struggling a bit lately.  my funk (aka anxiety) is back and i feel like a mess some of the time, but i’m keeping it together.  it’s not as strong as it has been in the past so i hope its stay will be brief and light.  focusing on my health goals is helping.  i’ve decided to switch some things up because i just need to.  i am experimenting with tracking my macros as well as calories. (i learned about it initially from skinnymeg and used this online IIFYM calculator.)  i’ve recently upped my protein intake and lowered my carbs.  we’ll see what happens out of it.

i’m finishing up my four week fitness blender booty bootcamp program this week.  it’s been a good thing.  i have built up so much strength in my legs and booty.  the whole thing has made me feel much more powerful.  it was only three days a week so i had some freedom on the other days to pick what i wanted to do.  now on to the core…

next week, i’m going to start the four week core program.  it’s brand new and i’m excited about it.  that’s definitely the area that is up next.  there are five workouts a week but they are around 30 minutes a day.  that’ll still give me time to fit in some walk/runs and trips to the canyon.

this is a great combo of two workouts for lower body work.  i did it this past sunday and loved it!  and it’s still only about 45 minutes.

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