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i had my last evaluation and post evaluation conference of the year at school.  i’m so glad it’s over.  we have a new principal so i wasn’t sure what to expect.  turns out i’m “exceeding expectations”.  i already knew that, but it’s nice to hear.  just kidding!!  even after 8 years i have plenty of things to work on.  but with only 19 school days left, i’m ready to say goodbye to this year!


i have been to see two great texas country bands play in the past couple of weeks: william clark green and strangetowne.  love them both!  there’s just something about live music that renews me.

william clark green!
at strangetowne concert!


i am finishing up my fitness blender better booty program this week.  these past four weeks have flown by, and i’ve really enjoyed it!  it definitely worked.  i’m excited to start the core one soon!


my friend jess and i had one of our last #bitcheswhobrunch get-togethers.  she broke the news to me that she’s moving home to save up some money.  as a “starving artist”, i kind of expected it in the back of my mind.  but it’s still sad that we have to say adios for awhile.  i’m planning on a trip to our hometown so i’ll see her again soon.  we still cried a little about it though.  and then laughed for three hours straight.

unexpectedly twinning! we were both literally wearing gray and yellow from head to toe.


this thursday, i got to go to a workshop…aka a break with adult conversation.  it ended up being a very interesting day.  it was on developing creativity in gifted/talented students.  i got a lot of new ideas and found my workshop soulmate.

i just sat down somewhere randomly and this girl goes, “how much group work do you think we’ll have to do?  can you hand me some highlighters and post-its?  and just so you know if i have to share out five thousand times, i’m going to kill myself.”  it was a moment like in stepbrothers – are we best friends now?  🙂

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