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WOW 5•6 | the never ending plateau

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 so i took my measurements this past weekend. no real changes except in the boob area. seriously? i mean, I always want them smaller. but what about the rest of my body? maybe take from there too?!

but whatever… i’m almost used to the no progress/plateau thing. it’s been going on so long that i can barely remember a time when i did lose pounds and inches. oh yeah, it was this time last year. that’s a crazy long plateau. i’ve tried just about everything i can think of: great workouts, counting calories and macros, getting enough sleep, cutting out almost all alcohol, only one cheat day a week. nothing seems to help much. 

one thing i won’t do is cut any more calories. i’ve found my sweet spot where i have energy during the day and for my workouts without overdoing it. i started a new fitness blender program this week for my core because if i can’t lose any pounds or inches, i might as well tone everything up in that area. the lower body program did wonders (no, really!) so i have high expectations for this one. 

this 52 minute workout was the last workout on my lower body program. It is probably one of my all-time favorites. it includes a warmup and cool down.  it has two parts: cardio/strength intervals and a pilates burnout.  it’s tough, but a great all around workout.

any advice on how to get over this no progress hump?

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