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5•8 | high five for friday!

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this was teacher appreciation week.  for the record, it’s not the big gestures that teachers want.  it’s the little ones like this note from one of my students…

the picture at the bottom displays his “awesome” dancing skills, which i make fun of all the time (but secretly love).


my sister and i have always had a love for the royal family. this week was exciting because princess charlotte elizabeth diana was born.


i put together my april favorites (a little late).  i always like doing those posts because i really get to reflect on the month: makeup, books, music, memories, etc.  all the good and bad.  it’s fun and helpful.

seriously, that foundation is amazeballs.


we got some rain this week.  with it being so dry this year, we are so grateful for it.  but the rain usually comes with severe weather.  when you’re in tornado alley, you have to take it seriously.  luckily, this week’s rain came without much craziness.  but look at those clouds!


in my world history class this week, we studied the holocaust.  at the end of the lesson, i had them read this poem by martin niemoller.  they then had to write their own version of the poem.  i got some good ones, but this one was really touching because i know that she was writing from her own experiences.

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