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teaching tip 32. senioritis is a real thing.

it’s catching.  high school seniors are the most susceptible children to get it.  there is no cure.

when i first started teaching high school, i thought that i knew how to be motivating and exciting as a teacher.  nope.  i didn’t have a clue.  seriously, i was faking the confidence for the first two years at least.  i had no idea what i was doing.

so when i was faced with a few seniors that first year, i didn’t know what to do when they started to not care about anything in the second semester.  i was perplexed.  how could you not care about your grades?  how could you respond to your teacher like that?

but as the years passed by and i taught more and more seniors, i learned to deal with it better.  every senior faces graduation in a different way.  some are motivated and committed to the end.  some just want to pass.  some struggle beginning in october.

even though it’s difficult, try not to take it personally.  it’s not about you or what you’re teaching.  they’re just scared and unsure about everything.  their priorities are all mixed up, and they’re not sure what to put at the top.  some of them are still too immature to deal with what comes next.

so do what you can with what you’ve got.  find their interests and try to channel their energy there.  one of my most successful unit in my economics class is at the end of the semester because it is personal finance, something they will most definitely need and use in the near future.  research projects are always good too, especially if they have a choice of what they can do with it.

just know that you can’t cure their senioritis.  it will happen regardless of what you do.  try to roll with it as best as you can and hold on for dear life.  there will be times when it is incredibly frustrating and you’ll want to tear your hair out.  maybe you even need to take a moment in the hall to collect yourself before facing them again.  do it.  do whatever you have to do to get through the last few weeks.

updated 5•12•15

4 thoughts on “teaching tip 32. senioritis is a real thing.

  1. Love this. This is my 3rd year teaching & I’ve only ever taught seniors. We are definitely at the do or die moment of the year where some students are scrambling to get grades up within the last 15 days of school.

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