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5•15 | high five for friday!

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there are nine days of school left in the year.  i think i’m going to make it…  🙂


i got my birchbox and stitch fix this week.  i was a little underwelmed by my birchbox.  the items were nice, but not life changing or anything.  my stitch fix, on the other hand, was incredible.  more on that next week.


erin condren teased a sneak peak of the new version of her life planner on instagram this week.  for various reasons, people lost their shit…with excitement, anger, and frustration.  i for one am excited.  i love the new changes they have in store for the new planner and am planning on ordering it in june.  i always wanted to start my planner to follow the school year and here’s my chance!


in the past week, my mama had mother’s day and her birthday.  it’s fun to shop for her, but hard because she won’t tell me what she wants.  so this year, i tried one of the special edition boxes from birchbox.  i’m so glad she loved it because i almost kept it for myself because it was so cool.


i went to a going away party for some work friends this past weekend.  it was good to spend some time together with everyone before the summer (and the goodbyes).  and then i had dinner with my couple friends at a new pizza place in town.  not only did i eat the whole hawaiian pizza (so good!!) but we talked for almost three hours.  they recharge me!  and i’m going to make more of an effort to spend time with them.

i’ve been wanting to meet this little girl for awhile. she belongs to one of the ladies i work with. not only was she super sweet, but she’s a Hemingway cat (6 toes!).


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3 thoughts on “5•15 | high five for friday!

  1. I would buy that planner too, it’s so cute! I’ve been wanting to try out Birchbox, but I don’t know how much I would use the contents… we’ll see. Have a wonderful weekend!

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