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turning the big 3 – 0…i mean, 1

after thirty, birthdays just aren’t as special, are they?  it’s still a birthday and it’s still fun, but they lack that excitement and anticipation.  also, people don’t give a shit if it’s your birthday.  when you’re eight, everyone better know it’s your birthday and celebrate it no matter what.  this would be a weird expectation when you’re turning 31. :). unless you’re one of those super confident bitches who celebrates a birthday week or even a birthday month. how those crazy girls convince other people to join in on their nonsense baffles me.

that’s not to say that all birthdays after thirty are bad.  they’re just different, more reflective.

you really think about the past year, what you accomplished, the struggles, and the triumphs.  it’s a good thing to look back.  it gives you some guidance for the next year.

i think part of it is to mourn the year that has passed, to really wallow (just for a teeny little bit) in some self-pity for the 365 days that will forever be in the past, for the mistakes and the missed opportunities.

and then hopefully you move on and really appreciate the day.  you do something really fun with some of the people that you love and that love you back.  if that’s not possible, you try to find peace with it and still enjoy the day because it will come and go whether you want it to or not.

the next day, you’ll be expected to return to your regularly scheduled programing.  you want to go into that with a positive attitude and hope that the next year will be even brighter and better than the last one.

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