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i was disappointed by my fourth stitch fix so i was worried that it would start a trend.  i’ve had the same stylist for most of my fixes and i thought – does she not get me?  so i wrote a detailed note to her about what i wanted.  basically – no special care items, mainly neutrals, new and different styles, and something in blush.  … and she delivered.

my fifth fix was amazing!  i literally squealed when i opened the box and got a peak at the style guide.  then i unwrapped the tissue paper and tried everything on.  i loved everything!  there was one shirt that was a little sheer, but i can make it work.  i fell in love with everything.  i bought the whole box…again.

1.  the jeans fit perfectly.  they have a little stretch in them so they are tight, but comfortable.  i love the flare at the bottom.  i feel like that style is flattering to me, and i’m glad it’s coming back into style.

2.  the green tank is a little tight across the chest, but the color was so pretty and the style was flattering so i kept it.  it goes well with the gray cardigan.

3. i love the cream embroidered shirt!  it fits really well and the colors are so pretty.  i can see myself wearing it all summer.

4.  the gray cardigan is flattering and matches with lots of things i already have.  the back is ruffled just a bit to give it a feminine touch.

5.  the gold necklace has two strands, each with an emblem on the bottom.  i like the edge it can give an outfit.

i’ve already scheduled my next fix for mid july.  i don’t do stitch fix every month.  more like every three months.  i just can’t afford it.  but i enjoy the experience and i’ve had quite a bit of success with stitch fix.  it’s helped me build my wardrobe and find my own style.  i didn’t even realized that i liked the modern style until i started using the service.  most of my clothes are now modern with a side of classic.  it’s taught me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.  chances are it will pay off.

HERE‘s my first experience and impressions on the service

HERE’s info about my second box

HERE‘s info on my third box

and HERE‘s info on my fourth box and advice for first timers

interested in getting your own stitch fix?  click HERE for more information on the service.

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