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WOW 5•20 | well hello there, kickboxing. it’s been awhile.

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this time of the year is kind of crazy.  it’s hard to stay on schedule.  but i’m trying to make it work as best i can.  i’m not tracking my food every day, but almost every day.  and i’m still working out consistently 4-6 times a week.  i kind of miss the booty program, but i’m sticking with the core program until the end.  i have about two weeks left.

in doing the programs over the past few months, i have kind of neglected kickboxing lately.  but i’m feeling the urge to do more of it.  maybe it has something to do with the fact that my students are in full senioritis mode and are driving me crazy with their antics.  i feel like i need to hit something.  so when jessica smith came out with a new kickboxing workout WITH abs, i jumped right on that train.  it’s nonstop and tough.  the old school britney blasting in my background may have helped, but i enjoyed it.  kickboxing expels so much good and bad energy when i do it.  and i’m always a refreshed kind of tired afterwards, if that makes sense.  it’s a little less than 30 minutes long so i added a warm-up, an extra 10 minute abs burnout, and a pilates cool down to make it about 47 minutes. i’ll definitely do that combo again.

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