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5•22 | high five for friday!

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my bday was this past weekend.  i spent the actual day alone, but the day before was fun.  i ended up having breakfast tacos with my bff.  that evening, i went to see the kiddos at prom and then dinner with some friends.  afterwards, i went to see pitch perfect 2.  (totally disappointed by it, btw.)

i love the succulent plant and planter my friend jessica gave me for my bday. i had mentioned months before that i wanted to start a little succulent container garden and she remembered.


i got my stitch fix this past week.  i kept the whole box because i LOVED all of it.  click HERE to see what i received and my review.


i spent my actual birthday out in the canyon.  besides getting some mosquito bites, being chased by some bees, and pulling cactus needles out of my butt, it was a great time!  🙂  i would have done more hiking but because of our recent rain, the mosquitoes drove me out after a few hours.

i sat down in my favorite spot and wrote out a list of the things that i want for my 31st year.
the cactus were blooming and the butterflies (and mosquitoes) were everywhere.


there are only 3 and a half days of school left!!!  OMG.  this was only a three day week for me so it should have been easy, but it is like pulling teeth to get these kids finished.  we’ll get there, but it won’t be without some frustration along the way.



i am excited for this mini series on the history channel playing this weekend.  i hope that it’s historically accurate and entertaining.  i love this new trailer:

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