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10 things i’ve caught myself saying to my students | part 2

HERE is part one from this year.  keep in mind i teach high school students.  🙂

1.  me: please stop cutting his arm hair with the safety scissors.


3. student: well, he (the assistant principal) was taking sam (my friend) to the office. so i yelled down the hallway, ‘why you gotta do that! he didn’t do anything! is it cause he’s black?!’  and he gave me lunch detention!
me: wow, you’re dumb. i told you he was in a bad mood today. and he’s black too. you definitely can’t use that excuse.

4.  while I was doing tutorials for the upcoming US history state test, i came across a question about nylon stocking shortages after world war II. i asked if they knew what nylon stockings were. they didn’t. so i said, “they’re like hose”. now i should know better, but i didn’t catch it. we then had a conversation about hos for about a minute before i realized they were messing with me. #rookiemistake.

5.  me: what are you doing besides singing badly and doing some kind of interpretive dance?

6.  me: you misspelled ‘admit’. you have to put a ‘d’ in it.
another student: yeah, you have to put the d in it.  (Then they just stared at me until i laughed because it was funny and I have a dirty mind.)

7. me: get up off the ground. you’re going to have to stop proposing marriage every day. it’s not going to happen. move on.

8.  me: alec, take your dang band uniform home. it’s been here for a week. i’m not babysitting your feather hat anymore.

9.  me: you should walk away now before i insult your outfit. (to a kid in the hall)

10.  me: listen, BK. you can’t have it your way.   (those are some convenient initials for a joke!)
student: real original, ms. rankin!

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