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5•29 | high five for friday!

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the school year is over today!  graduation is tomorrow!  another batch of kids will be going out into the world.  (watch out, world.  no, seriously…watch out.)

the end of the year was a little rough, y’all…


speaking of school, i took a new position this week for next year. i will be teaching for a half day and then doing 21st century learning mentoring.  i’m really excited.  i’ve been working toward this for several years but haven’t been able to get it exactly how i want until now.  it’s going to be a lot of work, but i’m looking forward to the challenge.


our school’s annual golf tournament was this past week.  unfortunately, it was stormy and rainy the entire time.  i opted to stay in the clubhouse and play cards for awhile until we all ate together.  it’s always fun for us to get together at the end of the year, decompress, and enjoy each other’s company for a bit.


i gave myself an hour long therapeutic massage for my birthday.  it was the best massage ever.  the therapist was very new age-y, which i happen to dig.  she did a little stone massage, a little aromatherapy treatment, and a scalp massage.  i felt so good afterwards.


i had two brunches this past weekend, one with some work friends and the other with my long-time friend jessica.  we met at my friend ann’s beautiful house (seriously, my dream house complete with limestone brick, decks and balconies everywhere, and an indoor greenhouse with tropical plants).

and then the next day, i met up at a fancy restaurant in town for a yummy but expensive brunch with jess.  we splurged because it was her last weekend before moving back to our hometown.  twenty year friends just don’t come around often.  we’ve been through a lot of life shifts, and this is just another one.

it was our last brunch together in town before jess moves! so sad.


we explored downtown on a twitter referral about some breaking bad graffiti and found it! so cool!


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