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reflections on the 2014-15 school year.

this year was one of my most challenging yet.  you’d think it gets easier as you get more years under your belt, but this is not always the case.  i’ve written over fifty teaching tips on this blog and i had to reread them over the past couple of months and reflect quite a lot to get my head back in the game and finish this year.

here’s the thing… high school students are changing and evolving.  the age gap between me and them is getting wider and wider.  i don’t understand them as well as i did five years ago.  most of the time, they seem selfish, unmotivated, unfeeling, lazy, and obsessed with social media.  i know i’m painting them with a wide stroke, but it’s just a realization i have had this year.  it just is what it is.

this year made me somewhat miserable.  it made me question teaching.  i dreaded many days on the drive to school.  it made me frustrated beyond a point that i’ve felt in years.  by the end of it, i was ready to wave goodbye (perhaps with a certain finger) to my seniors and slam the door behind them.  i didn’t want to feel that way, but it just crept up on me and settled within me around mid-april.  it made the last month and a half difficult.  i definitely don’t want a repeat of it all…

i’m changing too though.  i’m trying new things.  i’m taking up a different role for next year by focusing on 21st century learning and mentoring other teachers.  i’m excited for these new changes, but also concerned for the next year.  i can’t spend another year fighting the evolution of my students (and myself).  i have to find a way to accept it and work with it.

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