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6•12 | high five for friday!

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i was a bad blogger this week, but i was busy with my family most of the past week.  i drove down south a few hours to Abilene and stayed with my grandparents for a few days.  they’re kind of the coolest.  but i usually hit my threshold after about four days.  that’s the perfect amount of time.  we played tennis (they beat me to a pulp), went to the art and historical museums, watched some music, and generally ate too much.  it was great!


my sister chase has disabilities, so celebrating her birthday each year is like that of a seven or eight year old.  and it’s awesome!  we always have fun because she get SO worked up about it.  her excitement is contagious.


while in Abilene, i also got to see my friend jess a couple of times.  she just moved so like she said it helped her make the transition.  we tried out a couple new places in town, including this cool bar.  there’s nothing better than trying out a few new cold beers on a hot Texas night.


the new version of the Erin Condren life planner was released this week.  i jumped right on that and ordered the most expensive one they offer.  of course…  i can’t help it that i have expensive taste.  this limited edition rose gold beauty is heading to me early next week.  🙂  review and pictures to come!


“orange is the new black” is back for season three starting today!  i love the characters on this show.  they’re so interesting.  i know what i’m doing this weekend!  #netflixmarathon

netflix marathons

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