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things my grandparents say 

last week, i stayed with my grandparents for a couple of days to catch up.  like with all families there are some issues, but i usually have a great time with them.  as we’ve gotten to know each other as adults, our relationships just keep getting better.  here are a handful of some funny conversations we had this time.

granddaddy: you don’t drive a stick shift, do you?
me: nope. never learned.  daddy tried, but he gave up when i started crying.
granddaddy: so you just steer the car. you’re a steerer not a driver.

we played tennis and my granddady and i were on the same team.  he’s actually really good, and not for an eighty year old man. he plays three times a week for hours. he can beat me by standing in the same spot on the court. so after we lost the first set of our game against my grandmother and aunt, he said, “well, we don’t need to be polishing any trophies any time soon.”  i just laughed.

i’m pretty liberal socially but politically independent. it came out last summer that i have voted democrat in the past few elections. we were talking about education and politics during this visit. he turns to me and asked, “you’re not going to vote for that woman, are you?”
me: do you mean Hilary Rodham Clinton? (with a smile on my face.  i knew what was coming.)
granddaddy: don’t say her name.
i laughed and said, “i haven’t decided yet. i have another year or so.”
granddaddy: you’re voting for her, aren’t you?
i kept my mouth shut and just smiled.

grandmother: this thing in Colorado scares me.
me: (I like to mess with them sometimes) what thing?
grandmother: the marijuana situation.
me: well, they’re making so much money off of it. it’s boosted their economy. and they’re working on regulating it better. i don’t have a problem with it as long as it’s taxed and regulated.
grandmother: i don’t even want to drive in Colorado with all those people on marijuana.
me: they’re not driving. they’re sitting in front of a TV watching cartoons and eating cheetos.  they’re not even close to being as dangerous as drunk driver.
grandmother: i just don’t like it.

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