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thoughts on season 3 of OITNB

Be warned. There may be some spoilers going forward. 

Orange is the New Black

for the past few years, i wait impatiently for june to roll around because i know that “Orange is the New Black” is coming out with a new season.  last year, i wrote about the 10 things i learned about myself by watching OITNB.

some people don’t like it because it’s got some not so PG stuff in it. but i watch it for the characters and their stories. the show is very original in that way. it always keeps you guessing. and there’s always a twist around the corner, whether in the real time story or the flashbacks.

there have been a lot of negative responses already. (hello, fellow binge-watchers!) but i actually liked this season. there were definitely some slow parts, but we learned so much more about the characters’ back stories. so here are some quick thoughts on season 3:

i’m so glad V is gone.

we need more Stella.  she and Nicky need to come back from max. they are great characters.

i actually feel bad for Pennsatucky. i think i actually might like her. never thought I’d say that!

and that guard Coates! he needs a punch in the nuts. several, actually. and then he needs to be arrested.

Alex and Piper are getting annoying.

poor Alex is going to get shot, right? or something bad.

there’s something up with Lotty.  is she faking or really just crazy?

where the hell is Bennett?

i hope they don’t bring in too many new characters from the group of new inmates. i like learning more about the core group.

poor Sophia… (also, i want to slap her kid across the face and tell him to stop being such an asshole.)

Black Cindy’s speech to the rabbi…i shed a tear.

seemingly little mistakes can have HUGE consequences.

Piper’s business is actually kind of genius.

Dayanara and her mom bring out a whole new mother-daughter dysfunction in each other and yet they still go back to each other.

the lake scene was a perfect way to end the season. i panicked at first because i thought they were running. but then there were all these sweet moments at the lake: Black Cindy’s mikvah, Crazy Eyes and that chick, Dia and her mom, Soso and P, etc. it was just so sweet.

Tastee, Stella, and Pennsatucky were some of my favorite characters of the season.

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