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6•19 | high five for friday!

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i tried hello fresh for the first time this week.  i’m planning to do a full review next week, but basically it’s a food subscription service.  you can choose from a couple of different plans, but i chose the 3 day-2 meal vegetarian plan.  i was very impressed with the first two and i’ll have the other one this weekend.  if you’re interested, use this code {L758TZ} for $40 off your first box!


i worked out several times this week with some girls from work after we finished our summer school day as well as some extra workouts here and there.  it was fun to mix it up!  we have a couple more weeks of summers school and plan to keep it going.  i think i pushed myself more because i was part of the group.  i guess the peer pressure worked a bit because i am SO sore…still.



my june birchbox was pretty darn good!  i don’t really care for the moisturizer and the clip is just alright.  everything else though? great!  the sunscreen smells like mango.  the nail polish remover wipes work well.  the dry shampoo smells amazing.  and that eyeliner isn’t going anywhere once it dries.


each summer, the botanical gardens in my city offers music in the gardens.  you can bring whatever you want to eat and drink, chairs, blankets, etc.  there’s a little amphitheater for the concert before sundown.  it’s fun and relaxing. and low-key, which is exactly what i want most of the time.  it was warm and we were sweating A LOT, but my cousin, her daughter, and i did get this cute pic!


well…i took the plunge.  i cut the cord – cable, that is.  i’m officially a streaming only gal.  i’ve been thinking about it for awhile but was scared that i would miss something.  it’s been a couple of days though and i don’t even really notice.  i already had netflix so i signed up for hulu plus and amazon prime too.  and i’m STILL saving money!  score!

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6 thoughts on “6•19 | high five for friday!

  1. How awesome are the concerts at the park in the summer?! Sounds like so much fun!
    Congrats on cutting the cable cord. I’ve been thinking about adding cable in Australia as we’ve been living without for the past 2 years and we can choose which 20 channels we want instead of paying for a bunch and not watching.
    I wish we had access to hulu, amazon, and apple tv though, there would be no questions what we would do if that was the case.

  2. You reminded me that we need to get out to the concerts in the park series. They are such fun! And welcome to the land of No Cable! The only thing I miss is sports, and thankfully we borrowed my in-laws cable account log in for streaming when we want. So that solved that issue! Yay for saving money!

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